30 May

Currently, every clinic, as well as every specialist, is trying to stay competitive in the medical services market. Nowadays, endoscopic procedures are gaining a lot of popularity as they are safe, efficient, and most importantly comfortable for both doctors and patients. This is precisely why any endoscopy specialist needs high-quality medical equipment to fully implement their skills.

Fortunately, a current range of offered endoscopic equipment models in the market is quite varied able to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements. On frequent occasions, a large variety of offers makes it difficult to come to the right decision while choosing the equipment. Which manufacturer to choose? Is it worth saving on the brand? Let’s try to find answers to these and other questions, taking into account four largest manufacturers in the endoscopic equipment market.

The Japanese Olympus Company has been operating since 1921 under its modern brand name, and in 1950, it produced its first gastrocamera which facilitated obtaining high-quality images of the stomach lining. As of today, the company is probably the most popular manufacturer of endoscopic and endosurgical equipment. The words “Olympus” and “innovations” have become virtually synonymous because the company has always been trying to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments and, as a result, effectively introduces its own scientific developments into its products. Currently, there are three generations of the Olympus Evis Exera endoscopy systems and continuous, constant works are carried on to modernize and expand the company’s product range. The EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is a leap forward in ease-of-use functionality and state-of-the-art technologies. The result is a system that helps physicians conduct procedures efficiently, and helps GI staff members perform setup and reprocessing tasks with ease.



Pentax, Japan. The company was founded in 1919 as Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. and started to manufacture endoscopic equipment in 1983. Pentax products are highly appreciated by endoscopy doctors and considered to be reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to use. All endoscopes, present on the market nowadays, can safely be immersed into water and disinfectant solutions. A wide product range and equipment quality servicing ensure the Pentax Company’s tenable position in the world medical equipment market. The Pentax Epk endoscopic system is the company’s key product.



The Fuji Company, which entered the market in 1949, closes the top 3 list of Japanese endoscopic equipment manufacturing giants. In 1971, the company introduced its first Fujinon endoscope, this way starting its active participation in the medical equipment production business. The manufacturer’s product range includes multiple models of fiber and video endoscopes, as well as different additional equipment like light sources, video processors and various manipulation instruments in particular. The company always keeps up to date with the latest technological trends creating high-quality machines which provide decent operating performance. We advise you to pay attention to series 100, 200, and 400 fiber endoscopes. Fujifilm provide endoscopic systems for healthcare professionals. The company takes a comprehensive approach to endoscopy through the product line, including double-balloon endoscopes, personalized service and support.


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