30 May

The developer of endoscopic equipment PENTAX Medical received a CE mark for its duodenoscope with Disposable Elevator Cap (DEC). It is characterized by increased reprocessing operational efficiency and that is why is an ideal solution for infection prevention.

PENTAX Medical Company is one of the leading producers of high-precision endoscopes on the world market. The company has recently introduced its new invention – DEC Duodenoscope. This innovative device not only provides reliable therapeutic procedures, but also is a breakthrough solution for infection prevention.

PENTAX Medical innovation

The new DEC Duodenoscope (also known as Video Duodenoscope ED34-i10T2) was presented for the first time at the EUS-ENDO congress in Marseille, on the 28-29th of September 2017.

Innovative technology from PENTAX Medical ensures the first in the world combination of  up-to-date cleaning capabilities for infection prevention, the advantages of high definition (HD +) image quality and high performance in endoscopic procedures in the new  DEC Duodenoscope. The instrument is a revolutionary solution for endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) diagnostics and therapy.

Patients’ safety and hygiene were the primary priorities for the PENTAX during the development of the device. Therefore, the device has been designed to enable the enhanced infection prevention and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

New duodenoscope features

The DEC single-use, sterile, distal end cap is unique on the market. This innovative function eliminates the need for disposable endoscopic devices and prevents infections that may be linked to improper cleaning and disinfection.

The improved design of the distal end of the DEC Duodenoscope makes it possible to easily clean the instrument critical surfaces with a brush. Such optimization and disposable nature of the DEC help to reduce reprocessing time and money as well.

Application advantages

The DEC Duodenoscope guarantees reliable therapy. During ERCP examinations and procedures one can get a unique and excellent HD+ image quality. In combination with i-scan and i-scan OE it provides a detailed visualization of the mucosal structures and as a result facilitates the detection and evaluation of lesions.

The improved elevator shape and the ergonomic design of the new duodenoscope facilitate cannulation and precise, controlled positioning of devices during ERCP procedures.

The DEC single-use, distal end cap is easily attached and removed, providing the increased efficiency of the device compared to the previous models.

Why this novelty is worth buying?

  • combines high-quality visualization and therapeutic performance with unique  functions that provide patients’ safety;
  • minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and infection;
  • simplifies reprocessing procedures;
  • helps to increase the treatment effectiveness;
  • has outstanding image quality;
  • saves money;
  • has a convenient shape that facilitates work.

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