3M DuraPrep Surgical Solution with Applicator 26mL

A patient skin prepping solution in a self-contained applicator combining two proven broad-spectrum antimicrobials. Effective in a single painted coat, nothing is faster, nothing is easier. DuraPrep surgical solution eliminates the need for a time consuming scrub and paint application by combining two proven, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents: alcohol for fast kill and fast drying {1}, and iodine povacrylex for persistence in a water-insoluble film.

Meets the TFM required log reduction with a single, painted coat.

Effective in a single, painted coat.

Effective after exposure to blood.

Enhances drape adhesion compared to Betadine combination, Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser, Prevail-Fx Antimicrobial Solution, and ChloraPrep Antiseptic Skin Prep to promote sterile surface to the wound edge.

8635 – 6 ml

Meets AORN and CDC guidelines for the reduction of surgical site infections.

Designed to be applied in a single, painted coat

Covers at least an 8 x 10 inch area

6 mL

ItemManufacturer: 3M

ItemBrand: 3M DuraPrep

Active Ingredient: Iodine Povacrylex / Isopropyl Alcohol

Application: Prep Solution

Container Type: Applicator

Strength: 0.7% / 74%

Volume: 6 mL

Type: Solution

Latex Free Indicator: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Additional Information

RX Type      No

Prop 65        No

Prop 65 Overwrite  No

Compression          No

Disclaimer    No


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