Digital X Ray Machine For Sale




Digital X Ray Machine For Sale

Mobile X-Ray M-RAD 3.6

The Mobile X-Ray M-RAD 3.6 is an ultra high frequency mobile x-ray ideal for patient wards, intensive care, and operating rooms.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 device
  • Warranty Term: 1
  • Regulatory Approvals: ISO 13485


The Mobile X-Ray M-RAD 3.6 with its ultra high frequency (100KHz) technology ensures that only a useful dose is produced over the entire duration of the exposure while suppressing the skin dose. Being easy to maneuver, it is ideally suitable for intensive care, cardiac care, and bedside radiography in patient wards, where transporting the patient to the radiology department is difficult.

Key Features


This X-Ray is compact and lightweight for easy manueverability. It has an easy touch counterbalanced arm that is flexible to use, and a user friendly control panel for kV and mAs selection.


This X-Ray has an adjustable collimator with a high luminescence lamp for easier and faster positioning. It has durable wheels and an efficient foot brake that are located at the bottom. There is also storage space for accessories, notepads, etc.


Ultra High Frequency Generator

The Mobile X-Ray M-RAD 3.6 is equipped with constant potential Ulta High Frequency generator in which x-ray is produced at its “surge” state so that many more x-rays are produced at higher average energies. Hence, this device produces low scatter radiation and the exposure times are shorter which results in superior image quality, reduced dose to patient and technician, low power consumption costs, and improved x-ray tube life.



X-Ray generator type: ultra high frequency generator

Frequency: 110 kHz

Generator Output: 3.5 Kw

mA range: up to 70 mA

mAs range: up to 200 mAs

kV range: 40-100 kV in steps of 1 kV each

Digital Display: kV & mAs

X-Ray tube type: stationary anode

Focal spot: 1.5mm2 for radiography

Collimator: manually operated with light beam diaphragm

Collimator ON/OFF: From Control Panel

Stand: Gas spring mobile stand with dual arm to keep to tubehead always straight during the Arm up/down movement

Other features: error indication facility

Hand switch: dual action


Power supply: 230V ( -10%) AC 50Hz, Single Phase, 15 Amps


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