Audiometer For Sale




Audiometer For Sale

Amplivox 270 Advanced Two-Channel Diagnostic Air, Bone & Speech Audiometer

The Model 270 is the most powerful two-channel diagnostic audiometer and the perfect choice for Audiologists, ENTs and hearing aid suppliers within Audiology.

Designed with a full range of audiological test measurements, all included in one package. Essential tests such as air conduction and bone conduction audiometry including narrowband masking can easily be performed.

Enhanced tests such as speech audiometry (wave input or live speech) and free field testing are also part of the standard Model 270 functionality. Furthermore, special tests such as SISI, Stenger, MLB, Master Hearing Aid (MHA), Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS) and tone decay are included.

Features and Benefits

Frequency range (AC): 125 – 8000Hz

Attenuation range (AC): -10 – 120dBHL

Air and bone conduction, MCL, ULL/UCL

Automatic air and bone conduction testing including automated masking

Tone selection: pure, pulsed, warble, continuous

Masking: narrowband (tone) or speech-weighted

Speech audiometry (wave file and CD input)

Free field assessment

Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI, Tone Decay, HLS, MHA

Integrated talk forward function

The results can be saved in memory, printed with the optional printer or exported via the included AmpliSuite 1.2 Software compatible interface (AC, BC, speech, and ULL results).

Optional 5A Inserts available.

Available software’s to download for free; also included on a USB stick

AmpliSuite 1.2

The ampliSuite 1.2 is the perfect companion for your workflow and can be used without a database. This is the ideal free solution for those using a paper or other database which required PDF session uploads.

The audiometry module has both tone and speech options which can uploaded directly from the audiometer to the suite.

The immittance module includes both tympanometry and acoustic reflex options with large graphs which can selected individually for extensive review.

Both modules includes a wide range of counselling tools, such as adjustable PTA calculation, SRT, customisable normative boxes and pass and refer evaluations.

ampliSuite NOAH

The ampliSuite NOAH connects seamlessly with NOAH 4 for both modules.

Using a database enables you to conduct a baseline comparison with as many results as you’d like displayed on one graph in multiple colors for easy comparison.

ampliSuite PRO

Designed to be user-friendly with unlimited storage for measurement data and client information, our database has one-click features, automatic backup and advanced login options

Materials Included

Amplivox 270 Advanced Two-Channel Diagnostic Audiometer

(1) Headphones DD45 (from RadioEar)

(1) B71 Bone Conduction Headset (from RadioEar)

(1) Amplivox Patient Response Switch

(1) Power Supply with Country Adapters

(50) Audiogram Cards

(1) Carrying Case

(1) USB Cable

(1) USB Stick with AmpliSuite 1.2, AmpliSuite NOAH & AmpliSuite PRO Software & User Manual

(1) Noah Impedance Module

Technical Specifications


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Power: 100-240Vac 50-60Hz

Weight: 1400g / 3 lbs


Length: 10″

Width: 14″

Height: 3.5″

Frequency Range

Air conduction range (kHz): 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Bone conduction range (Hz): 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Frequency accuracy: <1%

Distortion: <2%

Test method: Manual or automatic mode (AC and BC)

Tone present: Continuous or interrupted, pulsed, warble

Output Level Range

Air conduction range: -10dBHL to 120dBHL ±3dB

Bone conduction range: -10dBHL to 70dBHL ±3dB

Output level step size: 1, 2, 5dB


Masking: Narrowband and speech weighted noise

Output: Headphones, insert earphones or insert masker

Insert Masking Output: 90dBHL max (250-4kHz)


Speech Input: Tape, CD or MP3 input or live speech


Output Level Range (FF): Up to 90dB

Number of Loudspeaker: 2

Special Tests

Overthreshold Tests: Stenger test, ABLB (Fowler), SISI, Decay

Simulators: MHA, HLS


Talk over: Integrated or external

Talk back: External microphone (Optional)

Monitor: External headset (Optional)

Data Management

Internal database: 12 audiograms

Optional Printer: MPT-II thermal printer

Data Transfer: aia USB to ampliSuite, Noah, OtoAccess and other EMR systems

Language: English, German, Polish


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